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Excavator loading Tri-Axle with Screened Loam

Suchocki & Son Inc.


Suchocki & Son is a family owned and operated company based in Preston, Connecticut. Founded in 1994, we have been able to foster a reputation for ourselves built on quality products, efficiency, effectiveness, and highly qualified employees. We meet the needs of our customers, with safety as our #1 priority. 

President, Timothy Suchocki, started with just a pickup truck and a farm tractor in North Stonington, CT. In the earliest years, the company was a Residential Landscaping business which led Tim to get into home building. He became quite successful in the construction industry, leading him to stay and grow.

After years of change, growth, and trial and error, Suchocki & Son’s true form was born. For more than a decade now, we have been one of the best Construction companies in Central-Eastern CT, including parts of Rhode Island. Offering Commercial and Residential Construction, Utility Construction Services, Aggregate Supply, and Trucking Services makes us one of the most versatile construction companies around. After all the successes associated with Suchocki & Son, we were able to expand up north into New Hampshire. We take part in Marine Construction and Excavation which has helped us become a well rounded company.

We know that success is achieved by repetitive customer assurance, quality, and efficiency. Relationships make or break a lot of companies and we pride ourselves in reliability. Having grown drastically over the years, we know what it is like to tackle any sized project, and will gladly help you through your next job!

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